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Do You Have A Need? Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, are disabled or uninsured; if you are in need of a piece of durable medical equipment, Bethel United Methodist Church (BUMC) may be able to help you!

BUMC currently is establishing a Medical Lending Closet with plans for a wide variety of durable medical equipment (DME) which is provided to us through donations.

One of the missions of our church is to loan, at no cost, this equipment to members of the community who have a need. The length of the loan strictly depends on your need; all we ask is that you return the equipment clean and in good condition when you have finished using it.

Our inventory will vary daily depending on what is donated, but plans to include such items as: •Canes and Crutches

•Bedside Commodes

•IV Stands •Walkers

•Toilet Risers and Handles

•Transfer Boards •Shower and Tub Seats •

Wheelchairs •Supports and Braces

•Cushions and Mats And much more as this service grows!*

If you have a need for any of this type of equipment or if you would like to donate an item you have and no longer need, please contact… Bethel United Methodist Church at 336.765.8016

*Due to space limitations, we may be unable to accept donations of hospital beds.

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