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WE'RE EXCITED to announce beginning tomorrow, MAY 17, BETHEL UMC hosts a SINGLE worship service at 11:00 a.m.

The service will be coming from the sanctuary of Bethel Church, where ONLY Pastor Lynne, David Sumner, Perry Sheppard, Mike Fenley and/or Neill Caldwell will be present and leading the service.

The sanctuary is NOT open for other worshippers; just worship leaders.

We will NOT have the 9:20 call-in service on the conference call line.

While there is a new phone number for those who are calling in, and a new code: these are the only numbers you will need to use going forward for SUNDAY worship services for several months, regardless of when we get to go back into the sanctuary, or if anyone needs to make personal choices for continuing to stay at home. Best of both worlds, we hope!!

For those who are joining by phone for audio ONLY: 1. Dial 929-205-6099. 2. When asked to give the meeting ID number, put in 991-544-918, followed by the pound, #, sign.

PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE after coming into the service.

For those of you who need ZOOM information, Please contact Pastor Lynne at, and she will gladly provide the link to you!

Grace and Peace to all, Pastor Lynne Romans 8:18, 28 and 31

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